Watching What You Eat

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

Not everyone can shovel any old food into their gobble box. Some of us have to be much more careful about what we eat, and some of us should be more careful. We have options for you...

You are what you eat, so don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake!

So one of the reasons I ended up in the Silver Bullet, apart from being impulsive and living in the moment while bidding on EBay, was become very seriously unwell. The antibiotics I had been given did nothing short of nuke my insides like Hiroshima, and I was left devoid of healthy bacteria to digest my food. There's a lot more to that part of my story which I'll save for another blog, on another site as it's probably a bit too much for a coffee blog.... The short version, is I had to be super careful about what I ate, and rebuild my microbiome from a barren wasteland. I always had a good handle on nutrition, and chose to eat well for good health, but I also appreciated that some people had no choice. And like it or not, I then became one of 'those' people that had to pick through the menu to find something that remotely looked acceptable to eat. From the outset, the Silver Bullet has always carried a variety of gluten free snack options. Over the last few years, there has been increasing awareness around the issues that gluten poses for many people - those celiac, and those with gluten intolerance. There's another conversation to be had elsewhere about gluten.... Sure we also cater to the lucky ones who can shovel in a crispy, golden #croissant or cinnamon scroll (boy do I feel jealous about that). But there's always an option for those who avoid gluten (and/or dairy) such as the #organicblissballs, #organicbountybar, #granolachiacup all free from additives, preservatives, or known inflammatory foods. Because people with digestive complaints often struggle with dairy, we also offer milk alternatives. We use the Bonsoy Organic Soy milk, and reluctantly I changed to the MilkLAB Almond Milk & Coconut Milk. I still use organic coconut milk in chia pudding, but the public demand for MilkLAB was so strong I just had to make the move. I try to keep everything organic where I have a reasonable option. If you're like me and need to be careful of your caffeine intake, watch the dairy, and avoid the gluten, then you're sure to find something that works for you at the Silver Bullet. #glutenfreefood #organicfood #healthytreats


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