Trendspotting: Fermented Beverages

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

As everyone gets on the band wagon of gut health (& rightfully so), there's a few things you should look for in your probiotic beverages....

The two greats of chilled fermented beverages would have to be Kombucha and Kefir milk or Kefir water. Now as Kombucha is traditionally brewed with a tea base, it's the reason why it best fits the menu for the Silver Bullet.


To sneak friendly microbes back in to peoples everyday diet by designing health elixirs and foods that not only taste amazing, but increase immunity and give real energy, the natural way, and to inherently showcase the amazing produce the south west has to offer.

The Alewife #kombucha is made with pure Dunsborough rainwater, unpasteurised and mixed with raw cold pressed juices for maximum health benefits. The brew is mixed by hand the traditional way to ensure no part of the process is skipped and to retain all of the goodness intended for each bottle. The Alewife ferment their kombucha for a full three weeks, so it has minimal sugar content and millions of beneficial bacteria. And we all know just how important our internal community of gut bugs are!


There are many options out there for kombucha now, but believe me they are not all made equal. Many have undesirable additives, and do not measure up to the handcrafted beverages produced by the Alewife. Which is why I choose to keep it local and support a small family business focused on producing a high quality product that increase gut health, vitality and all-round well-being. This is what I want for myself, my children, and also for you. Oh, and did I mention it's #organic !! I know some people are a bit care-less about organic foods, but for me it's a must. Pesticides are no friend to good gut bacteria - so best avoided.


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