The benefits of polyphenols in coffee!

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Need a reason to feel okay about that daily cup of joe? I'll take any excuse I can get, and here's a good one...

Coffee still gets a bit of controversial media, and rightfully so. For some folks, they really do over do it and must spend an aweful lot of time in the bathroom for it. But for the conservative coffee connoisseur who like to have a morning brew (and you aren't suffering from adrenal fatigue or digestive inflammation), then you can feel pretty good about enjoying your cuppa.

Yamagata K

Studies have found that coffee polyphenols, such as chlorogenic acids, have many health-promoting properties, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, and antihypertensive properties. (PubMed)

Times you might want to avoid coffee is if you have a speedy bowel or gastritis and/or reflux. If you have a bit of a lazy bowel....then it's got to be the most enjoyable laxative available, and in Dunsborough you don't need to go to the chemist for it when you've got 20+ places to buy coffee!!

A study suggests that coffee (even decaffinated) reduces bacterial count, but further research is required to determine if this is a good or bad thing. If it knocks down the bacterial count of less desirable bacteria and promotes good gut bugs, well that would be a good thing. Fingers crossed they can tell us more good news about coffee!

What they said:

The Caffeine Informer has covered all the health benefits with references to research - so to save myself the effort of repeating their work, click the link to a solid list of reasons you can feel good about continuing that habbit (or is it an addiction!) to the liquid gold.


Coffee makes you smarter.

That's a good enough reason all by itself for me, and this article reviews the literature supporting the claims. When there's a million things to get through in the day, and you're juggling a family, businesses, study.... well I for one need all the brain power I can get. And of course I get my fix at the Silver Bullet #slavetomyaddiction #silverbulletespresso #olddunsborough #coffeedunsborough #tobysestate


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