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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

There's plenty of ways to drink your coffee these days, but how about inside a fresh young thai coconut?

A few years back the Silver Bullet started out and on the menu we had young thai coconuts. Our supply ran dry and it took a couple of summers for me to get them back. But they are here for Summer 2019/2020 and we're doing them the same way we started.


Fresh coconut meat is said to have healing properties because it is high in antioxidants.

Opening a coconut is no easy feat, so I use a coco-jack to get the job done. It's a bit noisy, but I figure in a small space it's a ton safer than the chef's knife technique - although that does look pretty cool when you watch a pro do the job. #CocoJack have all the goss on why you should be drinking fresh coconut milk, and you can get the low down here.

If you're after a healthy electrolyte rich refreshment, a young coconut is beautiful and refreshing just by iteself. But when you add a shot of coffee, it becomes the healthest version of an iced coffee you'll ever find. If you're a real environmentalist, you can have your coffee-coconut and when you've finished drinking you now have a natural bowl to eat your breakfast chia with yoghurt and espresso granola. Yep, doesn't get better than this. Oh, actually it does! You can enjoy it overlooking one of the worlds most beautiful bays in Old Dunsborough. Now that tops off a perfect summer morning down south. #coconutmilk #nopreservatives #healthyeating #coffeecoconut #silverbullet #healing #antioxidants #coconut #summer #margaretriverregion


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