Spring, Trade, Whales & Coffee!

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Summer is just around the corner and the Silver Bullet is back, along with the whales, and wildflowers!

We struggle to get through the cooler winter months as the weather is not our friend. This winter we decided to drop back to weekend and school holiday trade only. But as Spring is upon us, and optimism is in the air we are back out every day longing to see our favourite faces!

Whale's and wildflowers are the hallmarks of spring in the South West, and they are all on the doorstep of the Silver Bullet.

We have a magnificent family of magpies that call Old Dunsborough home #margaretriverregion, and you can hear their song in the early hours of the morning. They are super friendly - no agreessive swooping from these lovely birds. However, they do love food, and if you're not careful they have been known to swipe that bliss ball from right out of your fingers.

There have been many mornings where you can spot a whale from the shore, and if you want a better view there's regular #whalewatching charters leaving the bay. If you're up for more of a thrill, the Jet Adventure's boat departs from the Old Dunsborough Boatramp and along with the fun ride, they do rest up for a while and are known to frequently see whales at this time of the year.

Trading Hours

We are trading from 8am - 12noon, but as the days get longer, the weather warmer, and more people coming to town we will extend our hours slowly as we approach summer. Look out for changes to the menu as we prepare for summer and include light lunch offerings. We are already sneaking out a little bit earlier on the weekends to service your caffeine needs. #coffeehelps #slavetomyaddiction #dunsboroughcoffee

Look forward to seeing you, your fur babies, and family @ the Silver Bullet. xx


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