10 reasons to visit Old Dunsborough

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

There's few places in the western world that are this beautiful and here are the reasons why it's worth the detour to visit.

Old Dunsborough Beach & Boatramp is a bit of a detour from town and unless you're local or using your google maps to find excellent coffee options in Dunsborough, you're likely to miss it. Here are my top 10 reasons for making this a destination.

1. Swimming Beach

Dunsborough has beautiful beaches, but this has to be the best. It's protected and during the summer months there is a shark net to ensure safety for swimmers who enjoy the waters. Fantastic for swimmers of all ages, the water is generally calm and there's no steep drop offs, so it's a great place for children who are less confident in the water. Infact, in January, it is the location for swimming lessons. #swimming #ocean

2. Fishing

There's always a fisherperson or two on the rocks, throwing a line in the water. And if you have a boat (or mate with one), it's the place to put it in. If you're one of those daybreak fishermen, then you may not get to see the Silver Bullet on your way out for a coffee (the earliest we start in Summer is 6am), but we'll be ready and waiting when you get back in. My boys have learned to fish from these rock, they might need more tips though.... I'm still waiting for an exciting catch for the dinner table. #boatrampdunsborough #olddunsborough #fishing #boating

3. Walk the Dog

Just around the corner from the Boatramp is the dog walking beach. The perfect place to bring your much loved pooch for some exercise with you. The Silver Bullet has a treat waiting for both of you, so your fur baby doesn't feel left out. #dogbeachdunsborough

4. Exercise

Now I'm not really one for organised exercise routines - I figure I lift enough stuff and run around every day to get my required number of 'steps' in. So if you're like me and like a leisurely walk every now and then with good company, then any which way you look a beautiful, scenic beach walk awaits you. For ladies that like a bit more accountability with their training, there's an exercise group that meets once a week for a more serious fitness workout. #fitness #beachwalk

5. Bushwalking

Okay, so this could've been called exercise too, but it's a bit more than that and deserves it's own special mention. Not far from the Silver Bullet the sandy beach ends with the houses, and you have the Meelup Reserve. Now this is my favourite walk of all. It continues along the coast, through the bush all the way to Castle Rock, and then Meelup and Eagle Bay. It's the most stunning walk that reveals some magnificent views back over the bay. If you're up for the challenge of walking up the hill near Castle Rock, there is a whale lookout that is breath taking. #bushwalking #capetocape #wildflowers #whalewatching


Good coffee and good company can only be bettered by good views. Dunsborough Bay is filled with golden sands, sun-drenched skies and aquamarine waters. Grab a coffee from Silver Bullet’s vintage airstream van and you will be graced with a friendly chat with owner Sally. One of the most relaxing spots by the beach to bring your eco cup out to play.

6. Supping

Every year I see more and more sup boards in the water with people cruising around the bay enjoying the calm water, sunshine, and scenery from the ocean side. Who needs a boat when you can sup. You don't even need to know how to surf! I have this pegged as my new summertime activity to try. And then, if I get a bit worried about the sharks I'll retreat to the confines of the net. #supping #watersports

7. Jet Adventures

In the beautiful spring/summer/autumn weather, the Jet Adventures tours departs from the boatramp regularly. Now this is something to get excited about. It's a thrilling ride harnessed into a speedy jet boat that goes from exhilarating to awe as it slows down to appreciate the natural beauty of the coast, check out the seal colony near Bunker's Bay, and with some frequency get the enjoy the spectacle of the whales as they cruise on by. Now is definitely the best time of year to be jumping aboard for that opportunity. #jetadventures #whalewatching

8. Play Ground

The City of Busselton have done a great job of providing the community with what has to be the best situationed play ground in the SouthWest. Perched on a grassy rise overlooking the sand and sea is all the entertainment a little one needs. Let them wear themselves out while you sip on your coffee. We even make the most special baby chino's of all as a 'sometimes' food for your mini-me. #playground #dunsboroughparks #kidsactivitiesdunsborough

9. Community

If you're a local and love a chance to chat or meet people, there's many friendly faces and warm hearted people that frequent the Silver Bullet and enjoy the foreshore. If you are a visitor who loves a friendly vibe and wants to get the real feeling of what it means to live here, then this is the place for you to stop. A relaxed atmosphere, in natural beauty that has been unspoiled by commercial development, attracting all walks of life to gather with the same objective - to enjoy the beauty, and natural environment that few places can offer all in one little location. #locals #supportlocal


But what could possibly make all of the above even better? Being able to enjoy a great cup of coffee, bite to eat, icey pop, or cold beverage while enjoying what in my opinion is the best beach in town. The Silver Bullet slides on in to the boatramp with all her inherant style, and disappears without a trace. No fancy buildings, no obstructions to the view. Just good coffee when and where you need it. #localbusiness #silverbulletespresso #coffeedunsborough


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