About Sally and the Silver Bullet

There's a crazy story behind how I came to own a vintage Airstream. Short version, it was an impulse buy on the back of a most difficult year struggling with a major health setback.  I really could not afford her, and needed to make a business with her from the moment she arrived. Her previous owner sold her after selling his business, for which he had her earmarked for trade as a mobile cafe.  So, I decided to honour the original intent for her in Australia.  Boy, was I in for a steep learning curve. 

The Silver Bullet was orginally named Sophie by the family who owned her in the US.  They lovingly travelled with her up and down the coast. She is a 1962 Airstream Globetrotter, and true to her namesake, she has found herself half way around the world to call Old Dunsborough home with me. 

I have met some of the most amazing people through the many hours spent at the water's edge at the Old Dunsborough Boatramp. Some of these friendships have changed me and touched my heart for life.  What began as a little business venture became so much more, and the connection I feel to those that support me and the Silver Bullet keep me coming back year after year. 

Over the years my boys have endured many school holidays and weekends hanging out at 'the van'. Slowly but surely, these Son's of the Silver Bullet, are learning the skills of the coffee trade and have become a part of the Silver Bullet story. 


From the Press


Good coffee and good company can only be bettered by good views. Dunsborough Bay is filled with golden sands, sun-drenched skies and aquamarine waters. Grab a coffee from Silver Bullet’s vintage airstream van and you will be graced with a friendly chat with owner Sally. One of the most relaxing spots by the beach to bring your eco cup out to play.


Cassandra Charlick - Your Margaret River Region

These days a bite on the go is what we’re after and, with the rise in fresh, fantastic offerings from food trucks, there’s no reason that has to mean poor quality or unhealthy food. Cassandra Charlick went in search of the Margaret River region’s favourite food truck offerings...Those that are closer to the other end of the cape can still be treated to seaside dining. The Old Dunsborough boat ramp plays host to the Silver Bullet Espresso on regular mornings from 7am in a cool vintage airstream.



Coffee lovers rejoice! Australians love their cup of joe, and have perfected the flat white (like a cafe latte, only with more coffee and less foam)...You can also grab a cup to go from Silver Bullet Espresso, a modified silver caravan serving up a mean coffee. They are typically parked at the Old Dunsborough Foreshore.

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